Tuesday, 12 May 2009

South UK Scrum User Group – How to achieve a workable Definition of Done.

Last Monday (27th April 2009) the Inn on the Furlong, Ringwood was the host for the first meeting of the South UK Scrum User Group. 8 scrum enthusiasts gathered to talk about “How to achieve a workable Definition of Done.” We had a very interesting discussion led by Mike Williams who had kindly prepared the topic.

Mike outlined his 4 sections for the definition of done – Task, User Story, Sprint and Release. Within each sections Mike had details a number of generic areas that covered the Definition of Done specific commitments for the team. These include commitments like the obvious CI build must pass all the Unit Tests to the less obvious of having all the marketing collateral in place.

A very healthy debate ensued around each of the sections of the Definition of Done. From which we all gain knowledge, understand and different perspectives. As always we had individually implemented some interesting and innovative solutions to unique challenges for our teams.

The diagram below is a record of both Mike’s initial thoughts as well as the combined learning from the discussion at the meeting.

Thanks to Mike for letting me have a copy of his diagram.

The next meeting of the group is being held on 27th May 2009. You are welcome to come along. For more information on the group please go to the Linkedin group.